At the home



Walkin sunset

Baan Dada Children’s Home development project aims to create and maintain a level of sustainability through the implementation of Solar Energy. The primary challenge at the children’s home each year is keeping up with the vast increases in cost of living. During the six-month period of the rainy season, from May through October of each year, there are not many visitors or volunteers at the home to help. This causes strain on finances. Although they require very few staff members to run the home, produce many of their own crops for consumption, and work hard to produce other items to sell such as rubber milk and weavings, the home still experiences financial instabilities
Solar Power and LED lighting system will be installed to reduce the dependence of electricity coming from the provincial government. The Solar Power system will have a capacity of 6,000 Watts to power the water pump and lighting in the home.



We have many bees that enjoy our gardens (and our home) and would like to ensure they have a safe place to live and produce their honey. We have purchased 13 beehives and would welcome any volunteers with beekeeping experience to help out with the launch and maintenance of this project for sustainability purposes.



meditation hall2

The meditation center is complete and is now available for all who live in the home who need a quiet space to go.



We have finished installing the 40 x 140 meter greenhouse. We have planted string beans, pumpkin, a variety of lettuces and herbs and are constantly rotating crops depending on what will grow in the season. This is an ongoing project and there is always gardening and maintenance to be done. We also produce dry and wet compost to maximize the growth of our vegetables and fruits for consumption at the home to reduce money needed to buy fruits and vegetables at the local market.

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